An Inspirational Moment


I hope that people can look at my pictures and see the hand of God .




I feel this hand was indeed at work the day I was in the Great Smoky Mountains hoping to photograph one of my most challenging subjects which are black bears . They never seem to stop long enough to get a good , sharp image of them and being that they have a darker shade of color it is extremely difficult to get the exposure right while photographing them .



While waiting for a bear that day , an eight-point buck crossed my path. I hid behind a tree, but the lighting was bad . The buck kept walking, and I followed from a distance . Then I couldn't have asked for anything better . He laid down , then I crept in as slowly and quietly as I could . He looked at me and I thought I had missed the opportunity . He just looked at me and allowed me to photograph him for over a half-hour .



When he had enough , he stood up and walked away . Before he stood up and moved on I thanked him for allowing me to take his picture and just enjoy his beauty .